Sea-To-Sea Route

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The 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route (C2C) is a network of existing long-distance trails, including the International Appalachian Trail, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Long Trail, North Country National Scenic Trail, Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, and the Pacific Northwest Trail. It is one of the most challenging long-distance hikes ever conceived because of its northern location, east-west orientation, and length — a hiker who wishes to hike it linearly and continuously must essentially hike though the winter.

What makes the C2C so unique and special is that it combines the best features of a traditional cross-country walk (namely the spectacular diversity of landscapes and the wonderful interactions with local communities) with those of a traditional wilderness thru-hike (namely the incredible scenic beauty and the harmonic relationship with nature). In addition, the C2C provides another option for long-distance backpackers who seek a greater challenge and adventure than what the “shorter” long-distance hiking trails offer.

In July 2005, 24-year old Andrew Skurka became the first person to walk the entire 7,778-mile transcontinental Sea-to-Sea Route. Read more about his Sea-To-Sea Hike.

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