Rock Climbing Is Sexy?

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A recent study says it is

Rock Climbing Is Sexy
Lena climbing in Bear Canyon
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Climbers tend to be trim and muscular, and the clothing they wear needs to be a combination of form fitting, minimalist, and stretchy so that it doesn’t restrict movement or cause you to overheat. Rock climbing takes place in some of the most beautiful locations in nature, and results in some beautiful photography opportunities.

The apparent result? Rock Climbing is considered a “sexy” sport.

Climbing is “the sexiest sport from a female perspective,” according to a study reported in the book “59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot” by Richard Wiseman. The University of Hertfordshire professor suggests that women are especially attracted to men who rock climb.

Prof. Richard Wiseman worked with fitness expert Sam Murphy and polled over 6,000 people to find out which of 15 sports they thought would make a member of the opposite sex more attractive.

Climbing topped the list for women with 57%, edging out extreme sports, soccer, and hiking.

41% of men state that the activity of climbing makes a woman more attractive. Golf didn’t rate well with either sex. Both sexes rated golf as the least sexy sport.

For more information on this study visit Quirkology

Does that make climbing sexy? This study suggests it does for BOTH MEN and WOMEN.

It should be noted that at least one climber feels the sport of rock climbing is getting “too sexy.” She complained that at a recent competition outfits are beginning to cross the line. Her wish is that the provocative attire to be taken down a notch.

My position is that rock climbing is a beautiful sport that encourages physical fitness and an appreciation for the outdoors and ProLite Gear has been actively encouraging more men and women to start climbing, both rock climbing and ice climbing, and I hope this study encourages more people to take up the sport.

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