Gregory Miwok 24 L Backpack

Product Description

Gregory’s Miwok and Maya packs exemplify clean, athletic design with thoughtful features and a fit that adapts and conforms for consistent performance in all terrain. BioSync suspension features flexible tendons that move with you as you bag peaks, shred singletrack, or sprint from summit to summit. New fabrics and thoughtful design updates make these packs even lighter and more intuitive to use on the trail, and upgraded to the BioSync suspension makes them more comfortable than ever before.From peak-bagging to casual hikes, the Miwok 24 does everything a daypack should and more. Designed for speed, this sleek, lightweight daypack has the capacity to stow extra layers on all-day excursions, plus an expanding front pocket to keep bulkier items like a rain jacket or bike helmet. Meanwhile, its convenient size and clean exterior lines allow it to function as a commuting or carry-on pack during the week.

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