Mountain Running

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Whether you are one of the 6 million that trail run, 2 million that adventure race, or the 500,000 that are into mountain running, you will be pleased to know that is now stocking a high performance selection of gear and apparel to fulfill your off-road running adventures.

Mountain Running, also know as trail running, hill running, and fell running, is the sport of running off road, over upland country where the gradient climbed is a significant component of the difficulty. The name arises from the origins of the English sport on the fells of northern Britain, especially those in the Lake District.

Mountain runners use specially designed shoes that have aggressively designed soles that provide more traction than road running shoes. Since trail running take place on softer surfaces (e.g., grass, dirt) than road races, cushioning is not as important so often the shoes are less ‘cushioned’ than their counterparts designed for tarmac. Additionally, trail running shoes are low to the ground which provides the best stability on uneven terrain. Shoes designed for mountain running can have built in gaiters to help keep out small debris, and a protective layer to protect the foot from puncture wounds and impacts from sharp rocks or other objects.

Mountain running equipment includes garments that wick well and dry out rapidly, pack and hydration systems designed for running, and protective outerwear that is extremely lightweight. Trail runners may attach lightweight crampons to the bottom of their shoes to aid with traction in the snow and on ice. Mountain runners may use ultra light trekking poles to increase speed and stability, but they are often not allowed during competition.

Following are ProLite Gear’s top 3 gear categories to keep you prepared for mountain running:

Mountain Running
Balancing the traditional, protective trail-running shoe with a profile that has slightly less drop, the SCARPA Ignite is very flexible and lightweight yet still offers serious trail protection.

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