Icebreaker Merino

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Icebreaker Merino

Overview of Icebreaker Merino

Icebreaker is an ecological clothing system that is both natural and technical. It is built from the pure superfine wool of merino—a mountain sheep that lives in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Each layer can be worn solo, or layered for insulation against the extremes. By layering Icebreaker clothing, you increase wind resistance and thermal insulation, and the whole system breathes and moves as if it is one garment.

Icebreaker merino feels silky soft, is machine washable, won’t hold odor, dries quickly, breathes beautifully, and regulates your temperature so you don’t overheat or cool down.

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Icebreaker clothes aren’t scratchy, they don’t itch and they aren’t hard to take care of. They are sustainable and are made by a company that is very environmentally and human rights conscious. Every effort is made to ensure that this translates into eco-friendly and human rights oriented busness practices.

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