How To Repair Inflatable Sleeping Pads

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As part of our article on Best Lightweight Inflatable Sleeping Pads, ProLite Gear discuess how to use Tenacious Tape and Aquaseal to repair inflatable sleeping pads.

Tenacious Tape has become a favorite of the staff at ProLite Gear for quick “in field” repairs of many types of gear ranging from insulated and rain jackets, to shelters, fishing waders, and even small holes in inflatable white water rafts.

For repairing inflatable sleeping pads, Tenacious Tape is sufficient to temporarily repair a hole. If you want to make the repair permanent, simply cover the repaired area with Aquaseal.

We suggest uses the air cured Aquaseal vs. the quick drying UV cured Aquaseal. The UV cured Aquaseal becomes brittle when it dries, and will crack on a pliable surface like an inflatable sleeping pad.

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