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Hilleberg Unna

Hilleberg Unna
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Tent Profile:

An Ultralight, fully free standing dome tent, the Unna is both supremely simple and highly versatile. It is ideal for journeys in any season where low weight is a high priority, and where the terrain makes for tricky pitching conditions. Since its outer tent is made with our ultralight Kerlon 1200 – whose 12 kilo tear strength is still far stronger than most “expedition” tent fabrics – the Unna is a fine choice for long or short trips in exposed and/or above tree line in all but the worst conditions, and for use in more protected areas any time. Its dome design handles snow loading quite well, making it suitable for short term base camp use, while its roominess and light weight lend themselves very well to mobile journeys, where you pitch your tent each day. Rather than a vestibule, the Unna has a spacious interior that easily accommodates the occupant and gear – or, in a pinch, the occupant and another person. And by disconnecting a corner of the inner tent, one can create both a virtual vestibule and keep the inner tent dry while entering or exiting in rainy conditions.

Unna Users:

The fully free standing Unna is supremely easy to pitch nearly anywhere – rocky shores, narrow ridgelines, dense forests (or, of course, even on “perfect” tent sites) – and it boasts an impressive amount of interior space. Add to that its eminent stability and impressively light weight, and it’s no wonder that it has become a favorite of paddle tourers, year ‘round backpackers, mountaineers, cycle tourers and casual campers alike.

Weight Validated on ProLite Scales Weight:
  kilograms: 0.000
  grams: 0.000
  ounces: 0.000
  pounds: 0.000

(Validated on ProLite Scales)
  • Minimum Weight: 1.5kg/3lbs. 5 oz.
  • Packed Weight: 2.1kg/4lb. 10oz.
  • Inner Height:100cm/40in
  • Inner Tent Area:2.5 m2/27.0 ft2
  • Poles (9mm):2x387cm, 2x154cm
  • Pegs:12 V-Pegs

  • The Unna is a straightforward, all-season, completely free standing tent that weighs only 2.0 kg/4 lbs 8 oz. Our dome design has single-ended, continuous pole sleeves and linked inner and outer tents for simple, quick set up, and affords a very compact footprint without sacrificing interior roominess.
  • The two pole configuration provides generous head room, and makes for near vertical walls, so there is plenty of room for you and your gear.
  • Pitching requires no pegs, but 12 peg points provide options for increasing stability. This includes using the corner points of the tent itself, the double guy lines with double line runners on both sides of both pole sleeves, and the single guy line and peg point in the middle of both front and rear walls.
  • The Unna’s ventilation system functions regardless of weather conditions, since the inner tent’s fabric is highly breathable, and the since the main vent is integrated into the top of the door. The top third of the inner tent door is a no-see-um mesh panel covered with an equal sized, adjustable fabric panel, while extra sliders on both inner and outer tent doors provide full adjustment options, and a separate roof cover keeps rain and snow out. In fine weather, the bottom portion of the outer tent’s front and rear walls can be rolled up and secured with the integrated toggle and loop.
  • The inner tent can be taken out and the Unna Mesh Inner tent can be used instead.

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