Backpack Anatomy and Features

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This article we look at the differences in Backpack Anatomy and the features that a backpack might have. By knowing all about the backpack types and the possible features, you will be able to Choose the Right Backpack

Backpack Buying Guide

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This article will help you select a backpack that fits, has the proper capacity, and features. A well-designed backpack that fits you, has the proper capacity, and has the features that are appropriate for the specific task will help you maximize your enjoyment and hiking comfort.

Climbing Gear

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A ‘Fast & Light’ approach to travel, especially in the mountains, has long been ‘the Grail’ for many an outdoor enthusiast. This section contains what we have ranged as most suitable for outdoor enthusiasts wanting the best lightweight gear for fast mountain travel, without compromising on performance. Fast and Light alpine climbing is an approach to traditional mountaineering that seeks to leave behind everything but the minimum gear required to reach the objective under the assumed conditions. It also seeks to use the lightweight gear. It is an approach used only by Trained and Experienced climbers. Go as Light as reasonable, as Fast as possible for you and your companion(s) together, being sure that all are physically and mentally Trained and Experienced in the tasks required.

Backpacking Gear

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Backpacking gear is expensive and purchasing backpacking gear for yourself is serious business. At ProLite GEAR we don’t want you to waste your money on gear that doesn’t work for you. We try to provide as much detail as we can on the products we carry, including product features, technical specifications, product reviews, and our own staff comments.

2 Seas 2 Feet Tour

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In July 2005, 24-year old Andrew Skurka became the first person to walk the entire 7,778-mile transcontinental Sea-to-Sea Route. Taking just over 11 months, Skurka’s trek took him from Cape Gaspé on the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Alava on the Pacific, passing through some of North America’s most rugged and scenic backcountry and through communities large and small.

Hayduke Trail

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The Hayduke trail is an 800 mile long backcountry route that travels through some of the most scenic and remote terrain in the United States. It showcases some of the natural wonders of the Colorado Plateau region of the American southwest, linking together six national parks, as well as national monuments and recreation areas, state parks, wilderness areas, and wilderness study areas.

Pacific Crest Trail

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The Pacific Crest Trail is a long-distance mountain hiking trail that runs from the United States border with Mexico to its border with Canada

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