Best Winter Sleeping Bags

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Top Winter Sleeping BagsThe staff at ProLite Gear is frequently asked what is the Best Sleeping Bag?

What is the best is highly subject based on personal preferences, body type, how warm or cold you sleep, and where and how you are going to be using your sleeping bag. As such, there isn’t a universal answer for which Winter Sleeping Bag is the best.

However, we can suggest the products we think you should consider for any given category. As such, we have started our Top 5 series of articles.

In this article and videos we will discuss what features we look for in a Winter Sleeping Bags, talk about the best sleeping bag brands, and follow that up with our Top 5 Winter Sleeping Bags.

There are numerous Gear Of The Year, Editors Choice awards, and “Best of” or “Top” articles on the Internet. There are also numerous sources of sleeping bag reviews. If you read those, you will find that 3 brands of sleeping bags always rate as the best.

Those brands are Western Mountaineering, Feathered Friends, and Valandre. Why are these the best? These brands of sleeping bags are not as well known as the main stream brands that are found in every sporting goods store, or traditional big box stores. The reason they are not as broadly distributed is that they are more expensive than the mass produced sleeping bags. They are more expensive because they use Higher Quality Down, Higher Quality Fabrics, More Technical Construction Techniques, and Higher Quality Construction/Sewing.

If you are interested in learning more, please view the videos below where we discuss Best Winter Sleeping Bags.


Best Winter Sleeping Bags Part 1
view video 1
Best Winter Sleeping Bags Part 2
view video 2
Overview Continued
Best Winter Sleeping Bags Part 3
view video 3
Western Mountaineering
Best Winter Sleeping Bags Part 4
view video 4
Feathered Friends
Best Winter Sleeping Bags Part 5
view video 5

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