Best Alpine Climbing Packs

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Top Climbing PacksThe staff at ProLite Gear is frequently asked “what is the best?”

What is “the best” is highly subject based on personal preferences and so there isn’t a universal answer for which pack is the best.

However, we can suggest the products we think you should consider for any given category. As such, we have started our “Top 5” series of articles.

In this article we will discuss what features we look for in a climbing pack, and follow that up with our Top 5 climbing packs.


Video 1
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ice Pack
Video 2
Montane Medusa 32
Video 3
CAMP M5 Pack
Video 4
Granite Gear Alpine Vapor
Video 5
Osprey Mutant 38

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  1. Where are pod sacs from? It looks like a really nice pack.

  2. Brad Baumann

    They are a British company. It was Pete O’Donovan who started making Podsacs in Sheffield back in the early ’80s. The design has always been focused on durability, simplicity and functionality. They are among our favorite alpine climbing packs here at Polite.

  3. At 2 pounds 11 ounces does the camp m5 have a frame that will carry a decent load? Is it removable.

  4. I’ve really been liking my Pod Sacs Black Ice. It’s held up well for a few seasons now and is very versatile. They are also priced very nicely for what you get. I think simple is the way to go for a true climbing pack.

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