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Metolius Ultralight Curve Nut

Metolius Ultralight Curve Nut Metolius connects the Ultralight Curve Nut's wires directly to the head to eliminate the swage in classic-style nuts and reduce its weight by 30% Price: $14.50*
Sale Price: $8.98

Metolius Astro Nut

Metolius Astro Nut With a transverse taper incorporated into the Curve Nut shape and silicon-bronze construction, the micro-sized Metolius Astro Nuts give tenacious bite in every placement. Price: $14.50*
Sale Price: $8.98

DMM Wallnuts

DMM Wallnuts This classic wired nut has a carefully designed shape that gives you the best possible chance of getting a good solid placement every time. Price: $9.95*
Sale Price: $7.98

CAMP Pro Nuts

CAMP Pro Nuts Slim passive protection for reliable placements in cracks ranging from 7 to 33 mm Price: $9.95*

Cassin Baby Angle Piton

Cassin Baby Angle Piton These tiny angle pitons are invaluable for protecting shallow cracks and old pin scars. Price: $9.95*

CAMP Knifeblade Piton

CAMP Knifeblade Piton Tapered pitons designed to fit extremely thin cracks of various depths. Price: $9.95*

DMM Torque Nut

DMM Torque Nut The Torque Nut shape fits well in normal crack placements, but they have the extra advantage of working extremely well when placed in a camming position. Price: $16.95*
Sale Price: $12.98

Cassin Ultimate Reality Piton

Cassin Ultimate Reality Piton When faced with incipient cracks, the Ultimate Reality Piton is the weapon of choice. Price: $14.95*

DMM Alloy Offset Nuts

DMM Alloy Offset Nuts This set of DMM Offsets gives you the versatility to protect flaring crack pitches Price: $14.95*
Sale Price: $11.98

DMM Brass I.M.P's set #1-5

DMM Brass I.M.P's set #1-5 When the going turns tricky and the only cracks you can find are too narrow for conventional nuts, it’s time to pull out the micro wires. It’s always better to have something, however small, between you and the ground. Price: $94.95*
Sale Price: $74.98

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Displaying items 1 through 10 of 10 total items