Klymit Inertia X-Frame Review

 Klymit Inertia X-Frame Review

Written by ProLite Gear staff member Rob. This post is based on technical data provided by Klymit as well as personal experiences.

When I first started backpacking I used an inflatable sleeping pad that weighed about 3 pounds and took up almost as much space as some ultralight backpacks. Sleeping pads have come a long way since then, but Klymit seems to really be ahead of the pack with their Intertia X series pads. The Inertia X-Frame pad addresses several common issues with inflatable sleeping pads: weight, volume, warmth, ease of use, and durability.

At a mere 9.1 ounces, the X-Frame is the lightest full-length inflatable sleeping pad I’ve ever seen. Even if you bring along the included dry air pump, the total weight is still just around 10 ounces. When deflated and rolled up, it packs down to the size of a soda can. I can fit this pad in my pocket – something I would’ve never thought possible back when I was lugging around my 3 pound self-inflating pad.

Klymit achieves such a low weight and volume because of their special “loft pockets.” They removed unnecessary material where the human body doesn’t need support and as an added result, these pockets allow your sleeping bag’s insulation to loft more fully and keep you warmer.

As yet another bonus, inflation time has been significantly reduced. The X-Frame takes me only 3 breaths to fully inflate. When I first tested out the Inertia X-Frame, my girlfriend had brought along a more traditional insulated/inflatable sleeping pad. My 3 breaths filled the X-Frame and I proceeded to finish setting up camp, all the while my partner was blue in the face trying to fill her pad with an exhausting 16 breaths.

Inflating the pad with your mouth can bring the pressure up to around 1.5-2 psi and then using the pump can boost that to 2-4 psi depending on your comfort level. With a burst rating of 10psi and highly durable construction (30 denier ripstop on the top and 75 denier polyester on the bottom) you don’t need to worry about popping your pad. In fact, the folks at Klymit demonstrate in one of their videos that you can actually jump up and down on the pad (on real outdoor turf) without scathing it even the slightest or coming close to that 10 psi limit. We haven’t brought ourselves to try this yet, but we’ll let you know when we do.

Your body will adjust to this pad before your mind can fully understand it, and the weight/volume savings is 100% worth it. The narrow design even allows you to insert the pad inside your sleeping bag, ensuring you will not roll off of it. Side sleepers and larger folks may appreciate the deluxe XL version, which is wider and longer and features a V pattern that allows the bottom half to follow leg movements of side sleepers. The X-Lite provides an even lighter ¾ length option (6 ounces) and when coupled with your pack under your feet it’s quite comfortable.

Ok folks, the bottom line is that this pad is a revolutionary piece of technology that will enable you to hike longer, farther, and more comfortably. It addresses all concerns related to inflatable sleeping pads, allowing you to rest easy. It may not be for everyone (I think it is, given enough time to adjust), but it is a sure way to reduce your pack weight and volume while maintaining comfort. The Klymit Inertia X-Frame is the best ultralight sleeping pad I have used, hands down.

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Rob Pudner Subject: Klymit Inertia X-Frame Review   Posted on: 09/27/2011 13:48:14 MDT

OK, I've had more opportunities to test out the X-Frame and it just keeps getting better!

My new preferred setup is using the pad inside of my sleeping bag, ensuring that I don't roll off or end up misaligned with the support tubes. I highly recommend this method if your shelter has a floor or you can use a groundcloth to protect the bottom of your sleeping bag. If not, it still works great under the bag.

I've also tested it with my Big Agnes Cyclone SL chair kit. It works, but because of the narrower width (18" rather than 20") there is less tension from side to side. I will probably stick to using the Cyclone chair in winter when I bring my Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pad instead of my X-Frame. In a pinch, the two will work together but understand that it won't feel the same as using a larger pad.

Anyway, this pad is coming with me everywhere.

Anonymous Subject: Awesome!   Posted on: 09/28/2011 12:03:23 MDT

Rob that is great you are liking the pad. I think you might have me sold after the great review you wrote on it. I think it is time to get one!

Brad Baumann Subject: Weird but great   Posted on: 10/18/2011 14:44:58 MDT

I have had the opportunity now to have spent 10-15 nights on the x-frame pad in wide variety of situations. From Glacier snow to the hardwood floor of my buddies house. It has preformed admirably. For the weight it can't be beat. It covers all the pressure points perfectly. On snow I put the x-frame in my sleeping bag, and then put my bag on a closed cell foam pad. It worked great! It is very comfortable and light weight, I would recommend this pad to anyone.

Sheep Shape Subject: Klymit Inertia X-Frame Review   Posted on: 03/04/2012 15:24:15 MST

I have wanted to try this pad. After reading this review it will be on my personal gear list for this season for sure.

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