Metolius Master Cam

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Metolius Master Cam

Metolius Master Cam
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The flexible cable and ultra-narrow head of the Metolius Master Cam is ideal for hard aid or free climbing. With a trigger assembly that is slides smoothly and an ergonomic thumb piece, the Master Cam provides precise control over placement and retraction. When top-stepping or stretching for hard-to-reach placements, the longer body of the Master Cam gives additional reach and the built-in Range Finder System provides critical placement feedback for those who need it. Colored the same as the rest of Metolius' cams. Every unit is tested to 5 kN and are CE and UIAA certified.

Weight Validated on ProLite Scales Weight:
  kilograms: 0.130
  grams: 130.000
  ounces: 4.586
  pounds: 0.287

(Validated on ProLite Scales)

Size Weighed:
  #6 with tags
size color dimensions strength weight Price
*00 gray 0.34 - 0.47” 5 kN 2.2 oz. $54.95
*0 purple 0.39 - 0.59” 5 kN 2.3 oz. $54.95
*1 blue 0.49 - 0.71” 8 kN 2.4 oz. $54.95
2 yellow 0.62 - 0.89” 10 kN 2.5 oz. $54.95
3 orange 0.74 - 1.04” 10 kN 2.9 oz. $59.95
4 red 0.93 - 1.32” 10 kN 3.2 oz. $59.95
5 black 1.09 - 1.56” 10 kN 3.5 oz. $59.95
6 green 1.28 - 1.89” 10 kN 3.9 oz. $59.95

*Range Finder color indicator only applies to sizes #2 - #6

  • A flexible, single stem unit with an ultra-narrow head width for hard aid or free climbing
  • Molded thumb piece
  • 13 mm (0.51") Monster Sling webbing (36% Dyneema/64% nylon)
  • Range Finder tells you at a glance if you’ve chosen the right size cam for the placement
  • Optimized cam angle for more outward force
  • Machined cam stops
  • Color-coded sewn slings and tubing
  • CNC machined for much greater precision than stamped or extruded cams
  • 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Sizes #00-#6
  • CE/UIAA certified
  • Hand built, inspected and individually tested to ½ its rated strength in Bend, Oregon

UPC Data
602150434058  602150434041  602150434034  602150434065  602150434072  602150434089  602150434096  602150435017 

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Staff Comments for Metolius Master Cam
Staff Comments:

A few thoughts on Metolius new Master Cams, a.k.a. Alien Killers. This year, I have had a chance to rack and place a few Master Cams in Yosemite and Eldorado. Typically, I rack a set of Aliens with a few doubles and do not climb on C3's. After placing these cams on a few trips, a few features really stood out. First, the single stem design was a win for me as far as Metolius cams go. This is their first single stem cam design and I like the overall usability. Next, I liked the size of the stem and head. Compared to my Aliens, I felt just as confident placing these cams and enjoyed watching the granite in Yosemite or Sandstone in Eldorado gobble them up. Last, I read that Metolius designed the Master Cams to have long stems that would afford a bit more reach. I completely agree. I feel that this is a similar feature with my Aliens and left me with a satisfied smile when I had a few placements that either took a long reach or needed to get deep into a crack. All in all, I like these cams and would recommend them.


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