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Gossamer Gear SpinnTwinn Tarp

Average Review: 1.0 rated  of 5 stars (1) Reviews :
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Gossamer Gear SpinnTwinn Tarp

Gossamer Gear SpinnTwinn Tarp
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Building off the successful introduction of the Spinnshelter™ in 2004, the Gossamer Gear® design team went to work developing a thru-hike worthy two person shelter that would be strong, storm-proof, versatile and most importantly ULTRALIGHT. At a scant 8 oz. (227 g.), the SpinnTwinn™ offers all the benefits of a conventional 8’ x 10’ (244 x 305 cm.) silnylon tarp with some very desirable added benefits.

The SpinnTwinn™ starts as a computer designed catenary ridged open-ended 8’ x 10’ (244 x 305 cm.) tarp. We then added a catenary cut to each tarp edge to maximize fabric strength under load and minimize weight. Both edges of both ends of the tarp, plus the base of each wall benefit from a catenary curve. We then widened the front entrance from 8’ (244 cm.) to 9’ 2” (279 cm.) to add weather protection and increase coverage so spare gear can be stowed under the tarp. Next, we tapered the tarp back toward the rear, from 9’ 2” (279 cm.) at the front entrance to 7’ 2” (218 cm.) at the rear entrance. This ensures excellent weather coverage, helps with wind deflection and saves weight. Finally, we designed in a 12” (30 cm.) front entrance/6” (15 cm.) rear entrance overhang to assist in rain coverage.

The result has been astounding in the field. The SpinnTwinn™ provides plenty of room for two, and offers an amazing amount of space for the solo hiker at NO REAL WEIGHT PENALTY! Imagine carrying a two person shelter that only weighs 8 oz and having all that room to yourself? Combine the SpinnTwinn™ with a lightweight bivy and/or a Gossamer Gear® Bug Canopy and you could weather anything a normal 3 season hiker would encounter, including light snow!

As with all open tarps, the SpinnTwinn™ offers unlimited flexibility when pitching. There are five tie down loops along each wall to maximize taut pitches and maximize versatility. The rear entrance of the tarp can be pitched slightly off the ground for storm coverage and some ventilation, or can be staked right to the ground. The SpinnTwinn™ can be pitched using telescoping or fixed hiking poles and can also be used in combination with our SpinnTwinn™ aluminum pole set. Each peak pull out has a reinforced grommet for use with any kind of pole. This year we have added linelocs, which are ladderlocs for cord, at each corner and on the middle pull outs on each side for easier line tensioning. These only add .6 oz. (17 g.) to the shelter and since they are sewn on with a separate piece of grosgrain from the pull out, they can easily be cut off without compromising the pull out.

So come over to the light side, with room for a partner, and with Gossamer Gear®!

While some people have reported good results with leaving their SpinnTwinn™ unsealed, for maximum protection we recommend sealing the main seam with either Silnet or a homemade concoction of silicon sealant and mineral spirits.

  • 8.6 oz. (238 g.) - Tarp before seam sealing
  • 0.4 oz. (11 g.) - Stuff Sack (included)
  • 0.75 oz. (21 g.) - 25’ (7.5 m.) of 275 lb. (125 kg.) EZC2 line (included)
  • 1.75 oz. (50 g.) - 8 6” (15 cm.) Titanium stakes (recommended)
  • 47 sq. ft. (4 sq. m.) - Complete tarp area, staked down position, not counting entrance overhangs
  • 117 in. (297 cm.) - Length of tarp ridgeline
  • 110 in. (279 cm.) - Total width of front of tarp (55" per side)
  • 83 in. (211 cm.) - Total width of rear of tarp (41.5" per side)
  • 12 in. (30 cm.) - Front entrance overhang
  • 6 in. (15 cm.) - Rear entrance overhang
  • 101 in. (257 cm.) - Wall length at ground
  • 44 in. (112 cm.) - Height at peak under standard setup
  • 67 in. (170 cm.) - Front entrance width (staked down position)
  • 62 in. (158 cm.) - Rear entrance width (staked down position)
  • 0.99 oz. per sq. yd. (34 g. per sq. m.) fully waterproof high thread count spinnaker cloth
  • Selected use of 70 denier 2.2 oz. per sq. yd. (74.7 g. per sq. m.) urethane-coated coated nylon ripstop for reinforcement
  • Grosgrain pullouts
  • EZC2 spectra-core line (275 lb. (125 kg.) tensile strength)
  • Grey

  • Features
    • Lineloc buckles at each corner and the middle of both sides for easy line tensioning
    • High thread count spinnaker cloth - the lightest fully waterproof fabric available
    • Spinnaker cloth wil not stretch in windy or wet conditions so your pitch remains taut
    • Computer-designed catenary curves throughout
    • 47 sq. ft. (4 sq. m.) of protected area - that's almost 6 sq. ft. of shelter PER OUNCE of waterproof shelter!!
    • 12" (30 cm.) Front entrance overhang and 6" (15 cm.) rear entrance overhang
    • Tapered front to back design saves weight and enhances wind deflection
    • Computer-designed main tarp wall shapes allow sufficient interior height and space to minimize contact with interior walls
    • Five stakeout points per side extends pitching options and minimizes fabric stress
    • Convenient Red (front peak) and Blue (rear peak) pull outs aids pitching efficiency
    • Inside loops provided at each end to hang lights, clothesline, etc.

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    Product Reviews

    Average Review: 1.0 rated  of 5 stars (1) Reviews :

    SpinnTwinn in Rain

    rated 1 of 5 stars
    I just took on the PCT, Pacific Crest Trail, section K from Rainy to Stevens in Washington. Two nights of rain. Two nights with rain penetrating and spraying through the tarp. I had to rig the groundsheet under the ridge to stay somewhat dry. Try this tarp in serious rain before committing to it.

    Gossamer GearSpinnTwinn Tarp rated 1.0 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews.
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