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CAMP Stratos Harness

Average Review: 5.0 rated  of 5 stars (1) Reviews :
Climbing Gear  | Climbing Harness
Item Code: camp-stratos-harness
CAMP Stratos Harness

CAMP Stratos Harness
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The new Stratos raises the bar for high-performance climbing harnesses. Although the new generation of laminated harnesses look great, they don’t feel great because their construction prevents air exchange—on hot or muggy days, they can be quite unpleasant. The Stratos features two layers of perforated foam that distribute the load evenly and allow moisture to escape, making the Stratos both incredibly comfortable and lightweight.

Weight Validated on ProLite Scales Weight:
  kilograms: 0.350
  grams: 350.000
  ounces: 12.346
  pounds: 0.772

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Size Weighed:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Edge-Load Construction on the waist and legs
  • Dual-Density Perforated EVA Foam for superior comfort
  • Pre-Threaded Buckles on the waist and legs
  • Patented No-Twist belay loop
  • 4 webbing reinforced gear loops
  • Chalk bag loop

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8005436061375  8005436061368  8005436061351  8005436061344 

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Community Content

Application notes regarding CAMP Stratos Harness
  • XS: Waist 58-68 cm, 23-27 in | Legs 48-52 cm, 19-20 in
  • S: Waist 65-75 cm, 26-29 in | 52-56 cm, 20-22 in
  • M: Waist 72-82 cm, 28-32 in | Legs 56-60 cm, 22-23 in
  • L: Waist 79-89 cm, 31-35 in | Legs 60-64 cm, 23-25 in
  • XL: Waist 89-96 cm, 35-38 in | Legs 64-68 cm, 25-27 in

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Product Reviews

Average Review: 5.0 rated  of 5 stars (1) Reviews :

CAMP Stratos Harness

rated 5 of 5 stars
The Stratos is my go-to harness for projecting hard sport routes. When I know I’ll be sitting in my harness working a route or giving my partner a catch for long stretches of time, I don’t think twice about comfort. Most high performance harnesses pinch my legs and dig into my hips after hanging for too long, and more padded harnesses constrain my movement. However the Stratos fixes both problems with the perfect amount of padding to absorb my falls while still allowing me to twist and move without limitations. Plus, the breathable foam makes a huge difference on warmer days by minimizing sweat. I’ve had trouble in the past finding harnesses that conform to my body, don’t gape in the back, and don’t sag in the front. The Stratos’ support keeps the harness exactly where I want it. Once I crank down on the easy adjust buckle, my waist belt is there to stay. When I fall, my harness doesn’t come halfway up my chest, a problem I’ve experienced with other harnesses. Additionally, the leg loops lay flat against the back of my legs instead of rolling and pinching into me. These minute details make a huge difference in my day-to-day climbing, allowing me to fully focus on climbing without giving a second thought to my comfort. So whether I’m taking huge falls on sport routes up at the Monastery or giving a partner a two-hour long belay at Rifle, the Stratos is my go to harness for comfort and mobility. **Paige Claassen is a CAMP sponsored athlete who tests the gear on many of the hardest sport climbs in the country each year, then provides feedback for improvements or endorsements. This is one of many pieces of CAMP gear that have passed her test. Learn more about Paige by visiting the athletes section at CAMP-USA.com

CAMPStratos Harness rated 5.0 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews.

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Paige Claassen Subject: CAMP Stratos Harness   Posted on: 05/11/2011 12:18:37 MDT

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